Synchronize with an array of disks

Months ago, I did backup a very large disk of my PC (E:\) to multiple smaller disks connected one after one, using a e-sata cradle (G:\).

Recently one of those small backup disk started to experience NTFS Errors and I did lost its content. To avoid restarting a complete backup of E:\, I had to find which data were lost to redo a backup of those only.

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First, I did recreate the complete folder structure (i.e.: without the files) of the remaining backup disks in one folder of my PC (C:\Temp\Backups). I did reconnect the disks one after one via the e-sata Cradle and did execute each time the following command in a MS-DOS console:

[powershell gutter=”true”] MkDir C:\Temp\Backups
XCopy G:\ C:\Temp\Backups /T /E[/powershell]

More details typing “XCopy /?” in your console:

/T Creates directory structure, but does not copy files. Does not include empty directories or subdirectories. /T /E includes empty directories and subdirectories.

The result was 22.036 folders – 0 bytes.

Notice that the target folder (C:\Temp\Backups) must exists !

Next, using BeyondCompare, I did a “Folder Compare” between “C:\Temp\Backups” and “E:\”.

I did first select the option to see only the orphans, via the menu “View/Show Orphans“.

And I did next add a “Filter” to “Exclude files”  with a name “*.*”, via the “glasses” icon (i.e.: I did exclude all the files – in order to only compare the directory structure and backup the missing ones. Otherwise, no folder in C:\Temp\Backups would have appeared as orphans as they are all empty while their equivalent folders on E:\ have content).

Finally, in BeyondCompare, I did select all the orphan folders on E:\ and used the contextual menu “Copy To Folder…“. In the “Action” field of the “Copy to Folder” dialog box, I did pick G:\ as a destination folder.

Et voilà.





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