Synology: “DSM updating in process…” forever

I recenlty tried to update my DSM 6.1.1-15101 from pacth 3 to 4. For some unknown reasons, the update never ends which results in various “issues”. The only solution I found to exit that situation was to kill the upgrade process.

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Once the update started, the progress eventually appeared stuck…

Updating Synology

After 2 hours, I decided to open the admin interface (http://<MySyno>:<adminPort>) and was able to log in. But back into the Control Panel, I saw the message “DSM updating is in process…”…

DSM Updating

It would not have been a big issue if it didn’t prevent me to update any packages. Trying to do so was resulting in a popup blocking any automatique on manual installation/update. I was also unable to restart or shutdown properly the NAS for the same reason.

To solve this situation I had to kill the upgrade process:

  1. Open a SSH console using Putty to connect onto the NAS
  2. Login as administrator
  3. Enter the root mode using the command: sudo -i
  4. Kill the update processes typing the command: kill -9 $(ps aux | grep -e SYNO.Core.Ugrade |grep -v grep | awk ‘{ print $2 }’)

I was next able to update other packages… I did next restart the NAS but for some reasons, it never rebooted completed (neither detected by the Synology Assistant nor accessible via the Admin webUI). I had therefore to do a hard reboot 🙁

Now, although I am still unable to reboot properly or upgrade DSM, I can at least install (or update) packages, possibly to help me in backuping everything before a complete reset.

NB.: I also tried to upgrade from SSH, without success.

Using the feature auto, I got an error message:

root@Hades:~# synoupgrade –check
Available update: DSM 6.1.2-15132, patch type: dsm, restart type: reboot, reboot type: now

root@Hades:~# synoupgrade –download
New update has been downloaded

root@Hades:~# ls -la /volume1/@autoupdate
total 223684
drwx—— 2 root root 4096 Jun 16 18:49 .
drwxr-xr-x 37 root root 4096 Jun 16 18:49 ..
-rw-r–r– 1 root root 229038080 Jun 14 11:50 DSM_DS1815%2B_15132.pat

root@Hades:~# synoupgrade –check-pat ./DSM_DS1815+_15132.pat
Patch type is DSM

root@Hades:~# synoupgrade –auto
New update has been downloaded
Start DSM update…
ServerUpgrade failed

Using an explicit download or the explicit path of the patch auto-downloaded, I get no error:

root@Hades:~# synoupgrade –patch /volume1/@autoupdate/DSM_DS1815%2B_15132.pat
Start DSM update…

root@Hades:~# wget
–2017-06-16 18:34:22–
Resolving…,,, …
Connecting to||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 229038080 (218M) [binary/octet-stream] Saving to: ‘DSM_DS1815+_15132.pat’

100%[==================================================================================================================>] 229,038,080 10.0MB/s in 30s

2017-06-16 18:34:53 (7.23 MB/s) – ‘DSM_DS1815+_15132.pat’ saved [229038080/229038080]

root@Hades:~# synoupgrade –check-pat /root/DSM_DS1815+_15132.pat
Patch type is DSM
Check patch successfully

root@Hades:~# synoupgrade –patch /root/DSM_DS1815+_15132.pat
Start DSM update…

Fortunatelly, in all cases, the DSM is not suck in “updating in process”





2 responses to “Synology: “DSM updating in process…” forever”

  1. Christopher Smith Avatar
    Christopher Smith

    I encountered this problem about an hour ago and found your post. I was stuck for a while at the explicit path as I had browsed to a folder where I had downloaded the update (synology_88f6282_112.pat) and was trying to do the update by typing:

    synoupgrade -patch synology_88f6282_112.pat

    but it wasn’t working until I realised as you stated it has to be the absolute path to the file so even though I had CD’d to the folder I still had to type it out:

    synoupgrade -patch /volume1/Downloads/synology_88f6282_112.pat

    It upgraded after that but upon reboot, would not boot up. I had to reinstall with synology assistant which was no fun, but my data was untouched thank God though I have a lot of reconfiguration to do!

    Thank you for posting this and helping me and others!!

  2. franck Avatar

    sudo synoupgrade -patch synology_88f6282_112.pat

    same pswd admin

    best regards

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