Synology Package Creator for shell scripts and php pages

I did upgrade “Mods“, my Windows Tool used to create dummy packages adding shortcuts on DSM’s desktop to open web pages.

Now, “Mods” is able to package shell scripts and php webpages…


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It is available here on GitHub.

For example, you could package apps like Chris Hager’s Most Simple Ajax Chat Ever

Simple Chat on DSM
Simple Chat on DSM

Or package a more advanced tool like php Server Monitor

Server Monitor
Server Monitor
Server Monitor Running
Server Monitor Running

This Tool is available here on GitHub.





2 responses to “Synology Package Creator for shell scripts and php pages”

  1. Stefan Avatar

    Lots better but before …… superb job.
    If you fancy some cosmetic feedback.
    a) the information line would look nicer if being either right below the toolbar in the top section or below the buttons at the button. Having them in the middle of other objects looks funny.

    b) I did wonder why the icons at the bottom didn’t populate after having changed nothing but the icons in the top section. Required a script edit stage (nothing edited) then it works. But that’s no self explaining.

    All the rest works a 100% …superb job I’d say.
    And very usefull.

  2. Valery Letroye Avatar

    Thx for the feedback. I will look into improving the location of the Information.
    But I don’t understand how to reproduce your issue with logo not displaying before having edited a script ?
    The logo at the top are for the package. The logo at the bottom are for the Urls…


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