WebStation 2.1.0-0128 beta – php display_error enabled

I did update my WebStation to the latest beta version. And although the option to “enable Display_Errors to display php error message” was disabled in the WebStation configuration pane, I saw warnings everywhere in my WordPress blog. No choice but erase the WebStation and reinstall it.

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Errors were appearing although the option was disable both for php 7.0 and php 5.6.

Enable Php Display Errors
Enable Php Display Errors

Impossible to uninstall the WebStation as the Configuration Center see that various other Packages denpend on it: Apache2.4, WordPress, Apache2.2, phpMyAdmin.

Also impossible to downgrade by manually installing a previous version.

So, I had no choice but connect on my NAS via a SSH console using Putty and enter the root mode (with the command sudo -i) to delete the WebStation Setup :

  • ls -la /var/packages/WebStation/target  => this is showing you the volume<x> where it’s installed
  • rm -R /usr/syno/etc/packages/WebStation
  • rm -R /var/packages/WebStation
  • rm -R /volume<x>/@appstore/WebStation
  • rm -f /usr/syno/synoman/webman/3rdparty/WebStation

I did next manually installed the WebStation 2.0.1-0111 from https://usdl.synology.com/download/Package/spk/WebStation/

I had to reconfigure the General Settings and Php Settings, et voilà.





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