Tips Fix SD card or Memory of external devices not visible

Recently, I plugged on my PC various devices having an internal SD card or an internal Memory. And although I could hear the typical sound made by Windows when a device is plugged in, no new Drive appeared in Windows Explorer. The problem was with a Mounted Network Share using the same letter as the one assigned by Windows to the new Drive.

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Looking into the "Device Manager" console, I didn't see any devices not recognized as illustrated here under. So, the device was correctly recognized and its drivers correctly installed.

I tried different USB cables and different USB ports (both 2.0 and 3.0), but without success either.

Finally, I opened the "Computer Management" Console and looked into the "Disk Management" part. There I saw a Drive greyed out. I noticed that it was assigned with a letter which was actually used by a Mounted Network Drive. I did simply right click on it to "change Drive letter" with another one and it appeared magically into the Windows Explorer. 

To be complete, I have to mention that the conflicting Mounted Network Drive was not available and all letters between C: and the one used for the Mounted Network Drive where in use . This was maybe the actual root cause of Windows assigning the same letter to a new USB Drive.

Et voilà.

Synology Retrieve files and folders from a Synology C2 backup

My Nas Synology died recently and I wanted to retreive some content from my Synology C2 Backup.

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After 3 years being 24/7, my DS1815+ does not turn on anymore when I press the power button. The problem is not with the power supply. I did change it, but with no luck.

Fortunatelly, I was using Hyper Backup to daily compy everything into "Synology C2 backup". 

But it's not possible to retreive a complete foder from the backup via the Synology C2 web page. One can only download file by file :(

To download a complete folder at once, you need the "Synology Hyper Backup Explorer" for desktop available in the Destkop Utilities section of the downloads.